Bishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu

Office: Bishop
Name: Bishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu

Rev.Rocky Sendegeya

Office: Diocesan Secretary
Name: Rev.Rocky Sendegeya

Rev. Asaph Waswa Sennoga

Office: Diocesan Treasurer
Name: Rev. Asaph Waswa Sennoga

Rev.George Livingstone Sekate

Office: Planning and Development
Name: Rev.George Livingstone Sekate

Rev.Emmanuel Lukabwe

Office: Mission and Evangelism
Name: Rev.Emmanuel Lukabwe

Rev.Moses Ssenjobe

Office: Lands and Estates
Name: Rev.Moses Ssenjobe

Rev.Canon Edith Ssemambo

Office: Mother's Union/Women
Name: Rev.Canon Edith Semambo

Rev. Samuel Sebbale

Office: Youth and Children
Name: Rev. Samuel Sebbaale


Ren.Canon. Stephen Kaziro

Office: Education

Name: Ven.Canon. Stephen Kaziro

Rev. Moses Semugooma

Office: Health
Name: Rev. Moses Semugooma

Mr. Joshua Ssali Shadrach

Office: Information
Name: Mr. Joshua Ssali Shadrach

Sister Margret Kisuule

Office: Elderly
Name: Sister Margret Kisuule

Mrs. Rebecca Bisirikirwa

Office: Music
Name: Mrs. Rebecca Bisirikirwa

Mrs. Cissy Kyagulanyi

Office: Bishop's Secretary
Name: Mrs. Cissy Kyagulanyi

Rev.Isaac Sebyala Lubega

Office: Chaplain
Name: Rev. Isaac Sebyala Lubega

Miss Janipher Nandya

Office: Cashier
Name: Mrs Aidah Kaitesi Wambi

Miss Nassimbwa Janet

Office: Receptionist
Name: Miss Nassimbwa Janet

Miss Annet Nnagawa

Office: Website
Name: Miss Annet Nnagawa

Mr.Kamoga Tom

Office: Video and Photography
Name: Mr. Tom Kamoga

Mr. Kasule Amos

Office: Secretary Health
Name: Mr. Kasule Amos

Miss. Nakayonga Justine

Office: Diocesan Accountant
Name: Miss. Nakayonga Justine

Miss. Nalubowa Kezia

Office: Words of Hope, Mityana Diocese
Name: Miss. Nalubowa Kezia

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