Head of Department

Rev. George Livingstone Sekate

Rev. George Livingstone Sekate

Departmental Overview

The Diocese has green Vegetation which covers small hills and valleys with springs and rivers of fresh water. The Diocese has a congregation of over 600 people who own land and fields (bibanja) where church structures, school buildings and health centers are built.

Land Acquisition

The Diocese of Mityana acquired land right from 1900. Some land has been donated to the Church by the congregation. The land titles of all the land given to the Church during Native Anglican Church (NAC) are kept at the Province. The donated and bought lands have their titles kept in the Diocesan archive. Most of the land donated to Mityana Diocese is not surveyed as this requires funding.

The main aim of acquiring church land is to proclaim the word of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is the base for the Gospel propagation and community transformation through schools, health clinics and other projects.

Projects carried out on Church land in Mityana Diocese.

1. Church structures for spiritual growth

2. Schools, health units

3. Play grounds for social activities

4. Business Evangelism: The Diocese has set up commercial buildings for income generation.

5. Tree planting project: Tree planting project has covered the entire Diocese.

6. Reconstructing church ministers housing and church building.

7. Pension House: This is an income generating project for the pensioners.

8. Mission House: This is an income generating project for the Mission Department. This and the Pension House project call upon intensive support.

The Staff

We comprise of two offices; the Land and Estates and Diocesan Land surveyor offices. However there is need to two more offices which include; The Daily Legal Advisor and Structural Planner.

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