Head of Department


Rev.Moses Semugooma

Departmental Overview

The Department offers Curative and Preventive Services through promoting Health as based on Jesus’ words in John 10:10 “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

The Department operates as part of the National and District Health System, thus the packages of Curative, Preventive and Promotional services, activities and support actions are in accordance with the responsibilities of the Diocesan Board of Health. The Board is the supreme policy making, governing and controlling organ of the internal and external actions of the Health Centers and Community Health Services.


In the Health Department, we do have the following Projects;


Ecumenical: This was started in 2004.

UNFPA: This came up after the House of Bishops’ resolution on 5/11/2010 to fight gender based violence, promote HIV prevention strategies in especially “marrieds”, and promote maternal health, Family Planning, Reproductive Health and Education.


Health Centers: 18 Health Centers that offer preventive and curative services. These include 3 Health Centre IIIs, and the rest are health centre IIs. Services offered include OPD, FP, ANC, HCT, Immunisation, Maternity, TB, Health Education and others. Under this, we collaborate with UPMB, JMS, District Ministry of Health and other development partners.


Elderly: This was started in 2006 and it aims at fellowship meetings, counseling, treatment, follow up and home visits.


UNICEF: This Commenced in May 2011 to promote 3 areas of keeping mothers and children alive, safe and learning. There is promotion of early childhood development learning, go back to school campaign to reduce school dropouts, promote maternal health, child protection among others.

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