Head of Department

Rev. Emmanuel Lukabwe

Rev. Emmanuel Lukabwe

Departmental Overview

The principle purpose of the Mission Department is to Share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, patiently and prayerfully waiting for the emergence of transformed lives.


Many churches within the Diocese of Mityana try their best to grow believers into Christ likeness. This is done through weekly believers’ Bible and prayer fellowships, conferences intended to equip Clergies and their wives for successful and fruitful ministry among the flock entrusted them.


Worship and praise services have greatly improved in many churches. Such services are prepared to minister and accelerate spiritual growth in the lives of believers. The services also serve to attract non-believers into church.


Small house groups have also done a great deal where they have been practiced. In some parishes, some small groups have become churches.


In some parishes of our Diocese, we are seeing churches sending missionaries to other local churches within the Diocese of Mityana. We believe that the potential to fulfill the great commission as stipulated in the Gospels especially Matt 28:16-20 is already available for us. Our role now is to continually identify both young and old people to perpetuate the Disciple making process to generations as taught by 2 Tim 2:2.


The Department also coordinates with other Departments and Ministries namely: Mothers’ Union, Christian Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Ministry, Music and Worship, Publication, Elderly and Youth and Children.




1. Schools: building schools and teacher houses


2. Prisons: building water tanks, providing blankets, and setting innocent prisoners free


3. Clinics: improving the physical standard of clinics and supplying medical equipment


4. Hospital: visiting the sick and encouraging them in Christ

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