Head of Department

Rev.James Rocky Sendegeya

The Rev. Can. James Rocky Sendegeya

Departmental Overview

Rev. Can. James Rocky Sendegeya is the Diocesan Secretary. He was Ordained on 11th December, 2005 and Priested on 19th January, 2006. Before his Ordination, he served as a lay-reader for six years.


After ordination, Rev. Can. Rocky was first posted at Businziggo Mission Parish as a Vicar and at the same time as an Assistant Planning and Development Officer.In January 2009, he was transferred to Katakala Parish as the Vicar and in May the same year appointed to head the Diocesan Planning and Development Office. It was during his time of office that the 'Ten Year Development Plan(2010 to 2020)' for the Diocese was developed.


In September 2014, he was elected the Chairperson House of Clergy during the 17th Diocesan Synod. In April 2015, Rev. Rocky represented the Central region to the 'Provincial Strategic Plan drafting,' which work was completed and awaits approval of the Provincial Assembly.


In June 2015, Rev. Can. Rocky was appointed the Diocesan Secretary.


Roles of the Diocesan Secretary


Is the Administrative Officer and responsible for financial management in the Diocese.


Is the Administrator is conversant with and communicates the deliberations of the Diocesan Council and Diocesan Synod to the various stakeholders.


He is the coordinator of the Diocesan Programs./p>

Responsible for Staff welfare


Responsible for staff recruitment.e


Under the instruction of the respective Chairpersons, he convenes Diocesan meetings.

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