Head of Department

Ven. Canon Stephen Kaziro

Ven. Canon Stephen Kaziro

Departmental Overview

The Department is aimed at Building capacity of all the people holistically, Helping people create small enterprises for the betterment of their families and the church as a whole,Fighting and eradicating poverty through business evangelism through;

1. Pass on a cow, pig and goat


2. Looking for quality seedlings and supplying farmers to boost Agriculture


3. Providing necessary advice and assistance so as to stand long droughts.


4. Setting up commercial business in towns for income generation.


5. Improvement of housing facilities for all Church Ministers.


6. Building up a pension scheme project for retired church ministers


7. Planting may trees on church land and demarcation of boundaries.



Send a cow: pass on basis in order to support the people of the Church.

Tree planting: To demarcate all church land and for commercial purpose.

Pension House: To cater for the retired Church Ministers' pension.

Commercial buildings: to establish commercial buildings all around the town in the Diocese.

Coffee project: To distribute seedlings to the people.

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