Head of Department

Rev. Samuel Sebbale

Rev. Samuel Sebbale

Departmental Vision

Building a better nation in body, mind and soul.

Mission: Empowering and equiping youth and children to realizing their potential in church ministry, education and health. Texts: 1Timothy 4:12 and Mark 10:14

Depertmental goals

We want to see youths and children giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

We love to see youths and children serving God in different capacities for example leadership, preaching the gospel, taking readings and many others.

We want to see youths and children getting better education and living positive lives such as having an HIV/AIDS and a homosexual free generation.

Achievements of the department

We have organized workshops for youth leaders at both Archdeaconry and Diocesan levels.

Sunday school workshops have been organized and many sunday school teachers have been trained and given materials to use

youths and children have been visited in their respective parishes to equip them with words of wisdom, salvation and hope while many have been empowered and they are still strong and vibrant in their parishes.

Youth conferences have been organized at both the Diocese and Parish levels. So far seven Youth Conferences have been organized in the Diocese.

Through Words of Hope programme aired out on Radio Sun FM, we have been able to proclaim the Good News to many youths and children and many have given their lives to Jesus Christ.

With the help of different organizations such as One Hope Uganda, Operation Christian Child, Child Evangelism Fellowship and many others, we have provided christian materials to many churches and schools in the Diocese.

We have visited many schools and preached the gospel to both youths and children and through this, many have given their lives to Jesus Christ.

Youth membership identity cards are issued out to youths in the Diocese to make their identification easy.

Future expectations in the Youth and Children Department

We expect to strengthen the Youth and Children leadership at all levels such as Parish, Archdeaconry and the Diocese.

We shall continue to provide more Christian materials to Sunday Schools and schools at large

We expect to have more trainings for the Sunday School teachers and youth leaders

We expect to have Non Government Organizations to assist us with resources to run the Youth and Children activities in the Diocese

We shall network with both the local and central governments inorder to boost the youth programmes

We expect to aquire a vehicle for the Youth and Children department.

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